Santa Cruz

Central California
Aug 29 – Sept 02, 2023

Join the four-day mission to hand-deliver thousands of copies of The Great Controversy to the residents of a city in Santa Cruz County, California! Churches across Central California will join in from their locations on Sabbath, September 2nd, through a partnership with the Central California Conference, to reach hundreds of thousands of million homes. We’re mobilizing to reach people all across Central California with the everlasting gospel.

Houston, TX
April 25-29, 2023

21,000+ books were distributed in just four days, and over 250 Bible study interests were gained!

Detroit, MI
April 11-15, 2023

29,000+ books were distributed in just four days, and over 434 Bible study interests were gained!

Phoenix, AZ
December 30, 2022

Join us as we partner with GYC to distribute 50,000 Great Controversy books in just 4 hours!

San Jose, CA
August 30 – September 4, 2022

What a huge blessing! With a collaboration between the CCC and 7 other local churches we were able to distribute over 35,000 books in just 4 days!

St. Louis, MO
May 31 – June 5, 2022

This trip was a blessing! We saw God’s hand move in a mighty way as tens of thousands of books were distributed and eighty Bible studies were collected! 

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