texas conference mission trip

Get your local church involved and join the movement of sharing The Great Controversy to over 600,000 families in Texas!

What’s Happening?

The Texas Conference mission trip is a joint effort between the Texas Conference, local churches, and Streams of Light International. Its purpose is to activate as many churches as possible to distribute door-to-door a package of literature that contains one Great Controversy, one Thrive (health) magazine, three GLOW tracts, and an invitation to follow-up evangelistic efforts to 600,000+ homes in Texas. All necessary training will be provided, and thorough spiritual preparation will take place in the weeks leading up to the event. The mission trip will take place in Houston over a four-day period, beginning on April 25th and ending on April 29th. In combination with this, the goal is to have churches conference-wide to distribute books in their communities on Sabbath the 29th. As a result, between the mission trip and the conference-wide Sabbath outreach, even if we only have half of the churches participate, we will reach 600,000 families statewide!



Onsite Mission Trip

The onsite four-day mission trip will take place in Houston, Texas. We will recruit churches and volunteers to hand-deliver up to 50k books through the week.


Churches Distributing on Sabbath

We are looking for churches state-wide to participate in distributing The Great Controversy in their local community on the same Sabbath of the mission trip. 


Now More Than Ever..

“The Great Controversy should be very widely circulated….I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others  I have written; for in The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books.” – Letter 281, 1905

Points People to Study their Bibles

In North America there’s an abundance of Bibles, however so many people don’t read it! Reading The Great Controversy stimulates thought and causes people to search the Bible for truth.


Shares the Last Warning Message

The Great Controversy explains the last warning message unlike any other book (besides the Bible). By reading this, many will come to understand the truth’s contained in God’s word about the end times and what is soon to come upon this earth.

How Can Your Church Get Involved?

Here are the simple steps you need to take to get involved in this large initiative

Sign Up 

Register your church on this registration form. This will allow us to put you in our system and contact you with all the details you need to get started. 


Propose this Project to the Church Board

You will receive a proposal of this project to present to your church board.



Order your Books

Place an order for the amount of books your church your is purchasing for the outreach.

Prepare your Church

We will send you all the resources you will need in order to prepare and organize this outreach in your church.


Get your Church Trained

We will provide you with training resources and also do a zoom training for all the churches participating.


Distribution Day!

Follow along with the Sabbath program from the Conference and take your church out to distribute! 


The Potential

Books Distributed

Churches Involved

Cities Impacted

See the Impact

See what a GC outreach day looks like for the church

Fresh testimonies as a result of doing of the GC outreach!

The Time is Now