Church Checklist for Organizing a GC Outreach

Everything you need to know when organizing a GC outreach

How to Approach a Door

Quick tips to know how to approach a door

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An acronym that will help you remember what this looks like is BASIC

Book in Hand

  • Placing the book and magazine into the hands of the person you meet at the door is essential. This will convey ownership of the book to them.
  • Step back a couple of feet once the book is in the hand of the person at the door. Maintaining the space as you interact is important.


  • Walking fast communicates that you are on a mission. Walking fast helps you get to more houses. It also helps release endorphins, which make you happy.


  • Smiling is universally known as an expression of happiness, which is recognized by almost all cultures.
  • Smiling communicates that you are friendly and that you enjoy what you’re doing. Smiling can brighten up someone’s day.

Intercessory Prayer

  • This is the engine of the outreach.
  • Pray before outreach, before each house, with each person, and after distribution. More prayer, more power.


  • Assume the delivery. As you hand that book to the person at the door, do so as if they were expecting a delivery.
  • Never doubt that you’re supposed to be at the door.
  • Your body language should be the language of a soldier for Christ walking closely with your guardian angel.
  • Know your canvass and say it with confidence and conviction.

How to Share the Great Controversy

Simple canvass on how to share the Great Controversy

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 Intro: Hello, my name is _______________. We are delivering a gift in the community; here is your free copy! (Hand them the book and magazine.)


Different things you can say:

  • This book covers the past and the present, and shows how history proves the Bible to be true.
  • The Great Controversy covers the last 2,000 years and shows you how Bible prophecies have been fulfilled. It comes down to the present, showing how America and current world events fit in. 
  • This book explains to you the battle between good and evil, Christ and Satan, from the fall of Lucifer all the way down to the end of time. 
  • It begins with the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and traces the path of freedom from the Dark Ages until today.

Additional information you can mention: 

  • The book contains QR codes so you can either watch, listen, or do Bible studies for each chapter.
  • Chapter 29 helps answer the question, “Why would a God of love allow so much sin and suffering?”
  • Chapter 33 shows you the first lie ever told and how it has affected billions of people today and perhaps even yourself.
  • The last 8 chapters shed light on current events and the near future through Bible prophecy.

How to Share the Thrive Magazine

Simple canvass how to share the Thrive Magazine

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Intro: Hello my name is _______________. We are delivering a gift in the community; here is your free copy! (Hand them the bag containing the book and magazine.)


Different things you can say:

  • THRIVE magazine shows practical and natural ways to prevent depression and how to thrive mentally in the midst of a crisis. 
  • Gives tips and discusses ways to have better mental health.

Additional information you can mention:

  • This magazine will give you practical health tips so you have more energy to be able to spend more quality time with your loved ones.
  • By applying the health advice in this magazine you will experience greater chances of preventing and overcoming sickness.
  • This magazine will help you to know how to prevent or overcome depression for yourself or any of your loved ones.
  • Scan the QR Code for tons of resources on health, mental health, recipes, and more!

How to Do a Survey with Someone

Simple steps on how to do a survey

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  1. This will be after handing them a book and saying the canvas. 
  2. You can say: ”Just before we leave, we are offering free community services.” 
  3. Pull out the survey and tell them the list of services.
  4. Check off the ones they like.
  5. Ask them for their contact information (name, email, address, phone number).
  6. That’s it!  For a sample of a survey click here

How to Pray with Someone

Quick tips on how to pray with people 

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  1. This would be the last thing you do before walking away unless they request prayer earlier in the conversation.
  2. If you have made some sort of connection with the contact, just simply say: “I love praying with people, what would you like me to pray for”?
  3. If there is an awkward space, or you see they don’t know what to say, you can say something general, “How about your health, family, or even this country?”
  4. When you pray, make sure that your prayer is concise and brief.

How to Get a Bible study

Quick tips on how to get a Bible study

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If you get the impression that the person you’re speaking with may be open to Bible studies, this is what you can do to get them to sign up.

1. Before leaving, say, “We also offer free Bible studies; we do them online, in-person, or through the mail; which works best for you?”
2. Once they tell you which option they prefer, take down their name, contact information, and address.
3. If they tell you they want Bible studies in person, ask them, “What is a good day and time for you to start your first lesson?”
4. If they don’t know, you can suggest a day and a time. For instance, the day and time you are at, at that moment.
5. Turn this information in to the local church as soon as possible.

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Short videos on how to overcome objections.

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Short video on how to pray with people.