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It is because of you that we are able to press forward in getting one book in every home of North America by 2026. Your contribution has impacted thousands of lives with the everlasting gospel.

Project Needs

Paper & Printing of 1,000,000 Great Controversies & THRIVE Magazines

Streams of Light International has been praying “Lord, expand our boundaries!” and in response, God has given us a big opportunity for next year. Lord willing, next year we are planning to distribute five to ten million books. Our team is contacting the 58 conferences in North America to organize both conference and union-wide outreaches. Additionally, we have an ever-growing list of interested people who are very enthusiastic about participating in this project with their local churches! Such a high demand create the need to print large quantities of books and magazines in preparation for next year. We currently need funds for the printing of 1,000,000 Great Controversy books and THRIVE magazines and purchase 1.68 million pounds of paper(enough to print 2 million books). You have the potential to change the lives of 2,000,000 families by donating to this worthy cause today!


$1,200,000 Needed

Michigan Conference-wide Mission Trip 2.0

We will have a one of a kind 7-day mission trip in partnership with the Michigan Conference and GYC. On April 14-21st, our goal will be to hand-deliver 50,000 Great Controversy packages throughout a specific city, while churches all across the conference will be distributing Great Controversy packages in their own communities. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to distribute +100,000 packets all throughout the state and gain as many Bible study interests as the churches can follow up with.







$90,000 Needed

Church Training

Streams of Light International is conducting church training sessions around the U.S., teaching church members effective methods of literature distribution as well as follow-up strategies to reach their local communities with the three angels’ messages. We strongly believe that it is through this means that many members of the church will be equipped and activated for the Lord’s service. If it is your desire to see every church in North America become a training school, as described in chapter 5 of Christian Service, then donate to this project today.








$30,000 Needed

Semi Truck & Trailer

As our ministry grows and shipping costs continue to rise, we find ourselves in need of a dedicated semi-truck and trailer to efficiently transport materials. Having our own transportation solution will enable us to streamline our operations, reduce expenses, and enable us to offer more affordable services. You have the power to make a difference! Every donation matters and brings us closer to meeting our transportation needs. By joining hands with us, you directly contribute to the growth of our ministry and help us reach more people with everlasting gospel. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the lives we touch. Contact us if you would like to donate a semi-truck/ trailer.





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One RV

Praise God! He has already provided one RV that will provide affordable lodging and transportation for SOLI staff.  If you desire to help Streams of Light with this essential need, please donate today toward this project.  Alternatively, if you wish to donate an RV, please contact us directly.















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Warehouse Improvements

We are grateful to report that, with the support of our generous donors and supporters, we have successfully raised the necessary funds to complete the purchase of the warehouse! A big thank you to all those who have provided the means to make this purchase possible!

The facility will serve as the headquarters for Streams of Light International as well as storage for millions of books and magazines for years to come. We are praising God that the warehouse portion of the facility is already in operation with no need for major improvements. However, in order to use this building as the headquarters, major improvements are necessary to the office portion of the facility. By giving to this fund, you are laying a strong foundation for this ministry to accomplish the vision of placing one book in every home by 2026

$300,000 Needed

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