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It is because of you that we are able to press forward in getting one book in every home of North America by 2026. Your contribution has impacted thousands of lives with the everlasting gospel.

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Project Needs

Printing of 1,000,0000 Great Controversies & THRIVE Magazines

Streams of Light International has been praying “Lord, expand our boundaries!” and in response, God has given us a big vision for next year. Lord willing, next year’s plans include partnering with conferences and unions to organize both conference-wide and union-wide outreaches. Even if only half of the churches participate in these massive distributions, we have the potential to work with 560+ churches with the potential of distributing over 1,700,000 books collectively! Additionally, we have an ever-growing list of interested people who are very enthusiastic about bringing this project to their local churches! Such a high demand creates the need to print even larger quantities of books and magazines. With paper and transportation costs increasing, good stewardship demands that we purchase enough paper to meet this need in advance. We currently need funds for the printing of 1,000,000 Great Controversy books and THRIVE magazines! You can potentially change the lives of 1,000,000—or more—people by donating to this worthy cause today!

$680,000 Needed

Conference-wide Outreach – Texas & Michigan Mission Trips

With much prayer, conviction, and planning, we have embarked on a new outreach strategy for 2023. Going beyond the concept of four-day mission trips, the new strategy involves partnering with conferences to hold conference-wide book distribution on the final Sabbath of each mission trip. Currently, we have partnered with the Texas Conference and Michigan Conference to start this initiative in April of 2023. Even if just half of the churches from each conference participate, we can reach over 850,000 families with the truth in just a four days! Your donations will help us with the cost of operations for these outreach endeavors and will enable hundreds of thousands of families to receive the truth.

$95,000 Needed

Union-wide Outreach – Silicon Valley Mission Trip 2.0

September 2022 marked the launch of a three-year collaboration with the Central California Conference to distribute The Great Controversy throughout the Silicon Valley. Through God’s providence, this event has opened the way for an even larger opportunity, and next year we are attempting to expand our reach even further! In conjunction with a four-day mission trip to Silicon Valley in 2023, we are partnering with the Pacific Union to enable churches around the union to distribute books in their communities on the closing Sabbath of the mission trip. Such a massive endeavor gives us the potential to reach over a million families! Your contribution will help us with the cost of operations, and could potentially enable more than 1,000,000 families to receive the truth!

$75,000 Needed

Warehouse in Central California

As the ministry expands, our need for another warehouse has become more evident. With the increasing demand for books on the west coast, space for storing inventory has become an issue. The Lord has provided temporary solutions, but in order to keep shipping costs down and to provide a facility within close proximity to our west coast customers, we need . The proposed facility will be large enough to  meet the need for storage for years to come. The facility would also include office space and an apartment to help reduce living expenses for our workers. Thankfully, a generous donor has already donated $300,000 toward this project! Your donation will ultimately help us reach our goal of getting one book in every home in North America by making Great Controversy books more affordable and accessible to those who wish to purchase them.

$400,000 Needed

Church Training

Streams of Light International is conducting church training sessions around the U.S., teaching church members effective methods of literature distribution as well as follow-up strategies to reach their local communities with the three angels’ messages. We strongly believe that it is through this means that many members of the church will be equipped and activated for the Lord’s service. If it is your desire to see every church in North America become a training school, as described in chapter 5 of Christian Service, then donate to this project today.

$30,000 Needed

Two RV’s

Funds are needed for the purchase of two RVs that will provide affordable  lodging and transportation for SOLI staff.  If you desire to help Streams of Light with this essential need, please donate today toward this project.  Alternatively, if you wish to donate an RV, please contact us directly.







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