3am symposium 2024

The 2nd Annual Three Angels’ Messages Symposium will be held in San Francisco in September of 2024.  


A Forum to Inspire, Equip, and Mobilize

September 2024

The Three Angels’ Messages (3AM) Symposium is a highly anticipated gathering of pastors, conference leaders and administrators, local church lay leaders, and church members. During this Symposium, we will explore and discuss insights on the three angels’ messages proclaimed in Revelation 14:6-12. This forum aims to foster a thorough understanding of these messages, help church members understand the deep and timely significance of these messages, and prepare to share them in day-to-day life. 

SEMINARS & workshops


1st Annual Symposium Speakers

Norman Mcnulty

Relevance and Urgency of the Three Angels’ Messages 

Houston Mission Trip

Oleg Lotca

The Three Angels’ Messages and the Everlasting Gospel

Houston Mission Trip

Dee casper

The Three Angels’ Message and Inspired Methods

Louis Torres

The Three Angels’ Messages and Stewardship

Sebastien braxton

The Three Angels’ Messages and the Latter Rain, Prayer, and Revival

Houston Mission Trip

narlon edwards

The Three Angels’ Messages and Literature Evangelism 

Houston Mission Trip

carlos muñoz

The Three Angels’ Messages and the Shaking

dan serns

The Three Angels’ Messages and Finishing the Work


The time is now

The time is now